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selling design & royalties

updated thu 3 apr 03


Joanne Van Bezooyen on tue 1 apr 03

I am talking to some entrepreneurs tonight regarding designing the art =
for product lines which they will have manufactured and sold. They said =
they will buy the copyright for the designs from me and include =
royalties in each item sold. =20
I am not familiar with what is entailed with this type of business =
interaction and need to educate myself.=20
Does anyone know of a quick and simple source for me to learn so I can =
make sure they are using the correct, legal documentation (U.S.) and I =
also need to learn the 'customary' method of $ valueing my artwork =
design for selling the copyright.....and the value of 'customary' =
royalty %.
Also, have any of you done this before so I can learn from your =

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Mitch Kotula on wed 2 apr 03

Please contact a patent/copywrite attorney. There is
no quick fix. Too many of us get screwed because we
are too nice and not saavy about this business.

Go the the yellow pages and then ask for
recommendations as to what you are involved with.


Mitch Kotula
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