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need data-release time for college faculty running studios

updated wed 2 apr 03


dana Groemminger on tue 1 apr 03

Hi Everyone-
I need some data on what the typical release time or compensation is for
running a ceramics studio is in a college environment. I need to give
this to administrators who know almost nothing about what it takes to do
so. I know I have come across this discussion here but am unable to find
it in the archives...Also, if someone knows of a source for this data
and could direct me there I would appreciate it.

I know programs differ widely, but for comparison sake, here is my
- I am the only one teaching in this area.
-Approx. 60-70 ceramics students per semester, both throwing and
handbuilding. Three beginning classes and one second semester class.

-I have two electric kilns 7.7 & 10 cu. ft. & one 16 cu. ft. gas kiln
plus all the other typical studio equipment to maintain. ( BTW-This is
not enough kiln space to handle end of semester load and so they run
round the clock at the end)

-I have two student aides (typically fairly unskilled as this is a
two-year program) to assist in firing kilns, mixing glazes, keeping the
studio organized...

The more data I can compile the better...Please respond off list to

Dana Groemminger