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subject: re: fw: paper clay..dangerous?

updated mon 31 mar 03


iandol on sat 29 mar 03

Dear Friends,
One of the very first pieces of knowledge (note; not information) I =
gleaned from Biology classes was that moulds and bacteria which grew in =
an oxygen rich atmosphere, Aerobes they were called, were generally =
harmless while those which grew in oxygen deficient locations, the =
Anaerobes, were usually harmful if they entered your person by any =
So make sure you swallow no paper clay, or breath it, or get it in a cut =
or scratch.
Beware of generalisations about moulds and bacteria and treat them with =
great respect.
Yes, they can assist in enhancing plasticity because when they =
congregate in large groups they are rather slimey.=20
Best regards,