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the scourge of paper clay......keep students away

updated sun 30 mar 03


Craig Dunn Clark on sat 29 mar 03

Just had my first experience with the majic dust commonly refered to =
as paper clay. Man-o-man was it ever goooood. Too good infact. Could not =
believe what I was able to do with the stuff. Broke about every rule I =
could think of and then applied some wet clay into the crack of a coil =
wrapped around the outside of an 18 inch rectalinear extrusion, let it =
dry for all of about five minutes, and then stuck the whole thing in the =
kiln for a bisque. Came out without a scratch. Could not believe it. =
Students need to be kept away from the stuff or they may never learn =
about the proper care and feeding of clay.
Craig Dunn Clark
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