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updated sun 30 mar 03


Lily Krakowski on sat 29 mar 03

About Zinc: Parmelee has a subchapter called The Alkaline Earths, that
segues into Zno without a break. Does that explain anything?

On glaze notebooks: I urge newbies to add to their formulae, recipes etc
also the firing circumstances. Was there a thunderstorm during firing (May
have meant voltage drop in [electric] kiln) Were the elements new? Did you
mix the tests with Pepsi rather than water, as you ran out of water? Did
you test on new clay supply, old.... It is amazing how much one learns from
one's own observations.

I am going to be off Clayart for a while--mebbe a week, mebbe longer. Force
of Circumstance. Going to a memorial service. A friend of my youth. "Sing

Leaving you with a thought for the times. From Hortense Calisher's "In the
Absence of Angels" (from title story in that collection.)
"For in the absence of angels and arbiters from a world of light,
men and women must take their place."

God bless

Lili Krakowski
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Be of good courage....