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paper clay dangerous?

updated thu 27 mar 03


Alyss Dorese on wed 26 mar 03

I have been using paperclay for over 7 years now. I use toilet tissue. =
I keep a large supply of toilet tissue slip available. When I need =
paperclay, I make my clay slip and combine it with the amount of tissue =
pulp I need. =20

I have had toilet paper slip (pulp) in a large sealed bucket for 2 =
years. When it appears dark and ominous, I simply add 1 cup of bleach =
and voila, it is back to original within an hour. =20

I find that I haven't had any smell when I have stored the
toilet paper slip. =20

When I use paperclay (paper and clay) and it becomes smelling, again =
just add bleach and the odor is soon eliminated. Eventually, the odor =
of the bleach disappears too.

Alyss Dorese