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updated sun 23 mar 03


Donalson on sat 22 mar 03

Finally catching my breath and post to the list .... Pre NCECA carbon =
trap seminar with the Reverend Davis..@ Nottingham ....

Terry Sullivan has a great, almost untapped facility..plenty of kilns, =
studio space and lounging around areas... A great spot for a group of =
potters to get work together, for a few weeks. Food was =
great as were the technical folks. Terry was a fantastic organizer and =
a very generous host.

The Reverend Malcolm was as good as it gets. Take a workshop from him =
even if ya don't like carbon trapping... He IS that much fun. Due to =
Malcolm and Terry's generousity we managed 3 cone ten firings in our 4 =
day workshop... which actually stretched to 5 1/2 days.

Tons of Clayarters at the workshop...prolly will forget someone, but =
here goes..

Millie Carpenter... a wonderful "jewish gal from the South" ..did a =
great job of purchasing food @ Trader Joes for the group dinner.. she =
even managed a lengthy discussion with Don Hunt, a fundementalist =
Christian, that remained civil and enlightening.

Donald Goldsobel... makes me want to mea culpa for all of the lawyer =
jokes I have passed on, in the past. His true love is pottery ....nice =
pots. Loves good red wine and chocolate.

Ilene Mahler... Ilene is a Malcolm groupie...(even though she is now an =
accomplished "crystal glazer") keeps him on his toes. Partnered with =
Millie on the dinner mentioned above. Loved those "nasal infection" =
green tumblers.... not to mention chocolate.

Suzanne Conine ^9 A sometime Clayart Lurker.. This incredibly =
talented high school teacher had no less than NINE of her students =
pieces in the NCECA K-12 show.. Acknowledges "some" responsibility =
for the infamous "Tequila White" firing.

Gail Dapogny...What a delight to have gotten to know the =
flesh..(not that way). Twelve hour days in the studio were common for =
Gail..I bent her ear many a time..

Lynn Zimmer.. This gal studied with Wildenhain in Gurneville way way =
back when. Hours of Clay and Catholicism talks welded a friendship... =
... Nice nice pots..despite what Malcolm said.

Dave Finkelnburg... Wow! THE best... what a great guy...I reckon that =
there is not another potter on the planet that "knows" more about the =
chemistry of combustion than Dave, a fourth generation chemical engineer =
and a wonderful man. Even saw him have a beer! Thanks for the cup =

Phil Smith.. a machinist by day mad raku inventor by night.. Phil has =
made enormous strides since his recent expose to the primordial clay.. =
Great guy.

Jean Lehman.. Of Strictly Functional fame. Jean was "staff" at the =
workshop, charged solely with keeping Malcolm "on task" small =
feat.....which she accomplished with precision and humor..even brought =
along her hubby..Dick Lehman (not the potter), who always showed up just =
about meal time.

Kadee Winters... First workshop for Ms Kadee and we had a ton of fun =
with her.. She is going to be a star. Had the two nicest pieces in the =
last firing. Malcolm opined she could sell her teabowl for $3000 in =
Japan.. she's keepin it though..

All of this took place (before) NCECA which is largely why I missed so =
many Clayart events. =20

Nottingham is a great facility. Malcolm is a great workshop presenter =
and any workshop with any of the above mentioned folks will be a gas!


Craig AZ