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updated wed 19 mar 03


Marcia Selsor on tue 18 mar 03

I forgot to mention..
think about the configuration of the door. I like a "T" lock, i.e.
the inner course is a half brick narrower on both sides. It helps keep
the heat in and stablizes the bricking up.

Marcia Selsor wrote:
> What type of roof are you going to use? Flat, cat or sprung?
> You need to plot your walls. Bricks are 9" x 4.5" by 2.25"
> I think it is 2.25. Get some graph paper and plot out your courses and
> figure it out.
> For the arch get a hold of an AP Green book with the specs for arches
> with various rises. If you can't find one, send me your span, your rise
> per foot and I can send you the plot of what bricks you'll need per course.
> Marcia in Montana
> still buzzing from NCECA

Tuscany in 2003