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susan halls smoke firing workshop

updated tue 18 mar 03


Elizabeth Herod on sun 16 mar 03

Hi everyone--

I just returned this afternoon after a 3 hour workshop with Susan Halls on
her version of smoke firing.

We didn=B9t have enough time to fire things, so I brought my pieces home and
put them in the smoker.

One piece, terra sigged ala Vince is incredible. I masked out parts with
tin foil, used OM4 terra sig, and it is very nice and has a nice sheen to
Another very tiny piece, in terra cotta clay, no terra sig is a nothing.

I still have 3 pieces going in the smoker. It=B9s been interesting to see th=
process, then add my own process.

I=B9m slowly learning what works for me.

Next weekend is a raku workshop, so I=B9ll see what happens then.

Using Vince=B9s recommendations for terra sig resulted in what I wanted in
this workshop. Super sheen black and white. Oh, and the ball milling of
the crocus martis with terra sig in the rock polisher came out beautifully.