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updated fri 1 jun 07


Steven Branfman on mon 17 mar 03


I'm still in San Diego after attending NCECA. As usual it was a blast. Also as usual, the best part was seeing friends. Anyway, out of print books are priced at what the market will bear. If you see a book that you want and it is priced at what it is worth to you, then it's a good deal. Otherwise, pass it up for another try at another time. Of course there is a certain degree of arbitraryness (is this a word??)is pricing but that is the nature of the beast. When I price out of print books I take into consideration the rarity, demand, and the price that I paid, to arrive at what I think is a fair retail price. "Warren Mackenzie, An American Potter" is a book that is in great demand and while I feel that $250 is a little steep, it may be worth that to someone else. I have seen it priced anywhere from $100 to $500!

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Andrew Lubow on thu 31 may 07

Eventually everything shows up on the Potters Shop, and eBay w=
ebsites. Are there any out of print pottery books you'd recommend I sh=
ould keep an eagle eye open for?=