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new kiln shelves, question

updated tue 18 mar 03


dalecochoy on mon 17 mar 03

A few months ago I bought 10 new 1/2 shelves, 23" from Olympic for my new
gas kiln. These Mexican she
lves had stains, chips, bumps, scratches, etc. Not exactlly what I'd expect
for $50 each. The Winter has held me up on this project but alas a weather
break. I decided to hand sand them and hose off before I treat with kiln
wash, but got to thinking. There are still a lot of stains and "stuff?" on
Is it common to "burn off" new shelves before coating with kiln wash on both
sides. I'll be doing both sides since flipping every other firing seems a
good idea. But, before I coat it seems a burn-off might assure better
adhesion for three thin coats of wash?
Any thoughts?
Dale Cochoy