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re kiln shelves

updated mon 17 mar 03


lela martens on sun 16 mar 03

Hi all, Vince and Snail,
Yes, it should have occured to me that all shelves are not the same.
I complained to a potter friend about the state of the shelves to our
guild`s electric kilns. He related his experience of mistakenly applying a
glaze rather than kiln wash to freshly scraped clean shelves. The glaze was
in the corner where the wash had always been. A potter friend had kindly
taken him under the wing and let him use the equipment. After a glaze fire
all of the pots were melted in firmly to the glazed shelves. The studio
owner calmly broke off the pots, tried to reasure the distraught glaze
painter and got all the shelves sandblasted. Worked wonderfully and the
shelve`s life span wasn`t shortened that much.
The guild did get some of the worst kiln washed (flakey,thick) shelves done
too and it worked out very well. But yes, it wouldn`t work on all shelves.
At our last meeting we finally voted in favor of buying a proper grinder.
Now I have my own kiln and to save myself all this headache, I apply kiln
wash thinly and have been making `cookies`to place under the pots with a
small sprinkling of alumia. Clean bottoms and clean shelves.
Best wishes from Lela on the thawing prairies, .. at least yesterday, today
and tomorrow... We distrust March and April out here.

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