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primalmommy productions opening night

updated sat 15 mar 03


Dave Finkelnburg on thu 13 mar 03

Hi Kelly!

You need to be aware that the opening night production of your excellent one-act play was a huge success! The production played to a record crowd of over 200 people! The reviews in this morning's clay papers were unanimously positive! Nothing but raves! The cast of thousands...well 22 anyway...assembled brilliantly by Nan Kitchens did a fabulous job of delivering their lines. The crowd unfailingly laughed at ALL the punchlines (and some that weren't!) .

Very seriously, Kelly, it brought tears to my eyes to see how much of a hit your play was. It really was the highlight of the evening. You done good, girl!

Alll the best, on behalf of your ClayArt friends in San Diego.

Dave Finkelnburg

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