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coal ash & mr smith

updated thu 13 mar 03


Lily Krakowski on wed 12 mar 03

This morning I sent out some info on coal ash, taken from Fournier. I just
checked The Ceramic Review Book of Bodies & Glaze Recipes, and thre again is
a recipe by Peter Smith using coal ash. Here it is described as Coal Ash
Runny Green Celadon 1260-1280 OXIDATION. (U.C. is my addition.)

I expect the recipe is same as one this a.m
Coal ash 4.7
Devon Ball Clay 1.8
Limestone 4.9
Feldspar 7.2
Red Clay 0.7
Ochre 0.4
Flint 3.5

And he adds that "Carbon in the ashes is sufficient to cause reduction.

There is a footnote. "Coal ash can be regarde as a clay of approx. 42%SiO2
24% Al203 with impurities such as iron oxide, fluxes, etc., and of course
carbon. A chun glaze can be obtained by the addition of dicalcium

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