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families in art

updated sun 9 mar 03


claire toutant /patricia dailey on fri 7 mar 03

A few months ago there was a thread about potters whose family members were=
or were not interested in pursuing clay. The gallery I show in,the Coast=
al Arts League in Half Moon Bay, California is currently showing a very int=
eresting show about families who have more than one member actively involve=
d in the pursuit of artistic endeavor. There are about 15 families represe=
nted, with many having more than one generation of artists in the family. =
Some go back to the 1700's,some are husband wife teams, but most are two to=
three generations of families involved in art. There are a total of 8 cera=
mic pieces in the exhibit. A really interesting family from Kentucky, the =
Weisener's has two potters, Fred and Cathleen, and their daughter. Fred doe=
s the "Ladys" series of vases/sculptures, that I think a few of you may kno=
w. Kathleen does mixed media of clay and bronze, and their daughter who is=
in art school in college who is displaying a watercolor. The exhibit runs =
from March 7 through April 6, and the reception is tomorrow night for those=
of you in the area who might want to drop in. =20
Patricia Dailey