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blue plate special/clay it forward

updated wed 5 mar 03


karen terpstra on tue 4 mar 03

Hi Clayarters,

Mel got ahead of me. No Arti, I didn't send the plate back to him.
Here's the deal:

I just found out that "Mel's book" (doesn't have an official title yet)
will be released June 15. It's about Japanese ceramics and techniques
as seen through the eyes of an American potter/teacher. It will retail
between 20 to 25 dollars.

Some of you might remember my dilemma of Mel giving me a couple of the
infamous "mother-in-law-blue plates". Well, since I have two of these
gorgeous limited edition plates, I would like to share one with someone

It will be auctioned off at the First Annual Clayart Cocktail Party on
Wed. night. (and I'm wearing a real cocktail dress btw) All of the
proceeds will go to "Clay it Forward." Joyce Lee has agreed to handle
the details after the auction. We will purchase as many books as
possible from the auction proceeds and Joyce will distribute them. If
there is an odd amount of money left, an anonymous donor will kick in
the rest for another book.

So save up for this one time chance to bid on this rare work of art!
These plates will not be made again. You will not find anything like
this in stores, galleries, or museums. If you can't attend NCECA, find
someone to bid on it for you. If there is a phone in the Clayart room we
could take phone bids.

You can view the plate ahead of time at: or and scroll down to clayart.

Karen Terpstra
La Crosse, WI