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updated tue 4 mar 03


Jim Tabor on mon 3 mar 03


I dealt with TAM Ceramics so long ago I don't know if it is relevant. In
the early '80's when I was looking for a controller, I had the volumes
of their full color catalogs on temp control devices. I was amazed by
the several hundreds of full color pages of devices. They were
accommodating industry. When I called to speak to the technical staff
about my needs, they were great, patient, and giving. As I recall the
original order for the controller was to Bailey and they gave me the
run-around for months on the controller made by Tam. I was told TAM
stopped production and so I called Tam and discovered I had been given
bogus info from Bailey (I think from Jim B.). I eventually got the TAM
controller from Bailey or TAM but was left with the conviction to not do
business with Bailey ever again. Call TAM to find out who distributes
for them and use anyone but Bailey. I haven't seen anything on TAM in a
long while and Bailey caters to the pottery community and I believe they
have a good line of products. Because of my previous experience with
Bailey, I will pay more for the same item to not give them my business.

In my personal life, I can forgive and forget, but that was business and
the rules are different.

Jim Tabor

Lorraine Pierce wrote:

>Hi all, does anyone know anything about Tam Ceramics Inc, Niagara Falls, NY? are they a company that supplies the suppliers?
> Lori Pierce in New Port Richey, Fl...but not for long! We found the right house in Orange Park outside of Jacksonville, something for everyone in the for pottery, my mother-in-law digs,the animals, good schools, an easy commute to the film and television studio, a funky community church where Harriet Beecher Stow once took place; close to the University , and not far from the Atlantic ocean; 'they' said it couldn't be done and we did it. Now to sell my house and studio, downsize and MOVE!
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