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updated tue 4 mar 03


Ababi on mon 3 mar 03

Around this time in 1995 I think We went to visit our family in the city of angels
For me it was the first , the only one time to go out my little peaceful island.
We visited around. We made a trip to Yosimite.My brother in law, my tle son, ( now
21 years old) and our little daughter.
My wife of course! My lovely wife!
Usemity: I took a lot of slides and for about 6 months after the trip ( I was high!) I
painted using the slides as starting point!
The amount of water!
Who would belive it can true
The trees too!

San Diego
The new town and the "old town".
100 years old is an old town?
But who cares!
This town has a spirit!
Perhaps being so close to Mexico gives it a tint: In our way of thinking, like the chrome
vapor in the kiln influence the tin glazed ware.
The Mexican food (American stile) in the restaurants. The way that our popular
restaurants are oriental restaurants over there- Mexican.
We visited in the evening a Costa Rican restaurant. We were asked where from?
Israel we said: The waiter did not understand: Only the names Abraham Jacob and
Jerusalem Made him our friend ( Tip helped too!)
Earth quece or did I burp?
Who cares!
And the zoo. Kuala: Real
Sable: Not a brush!

The old cars: Looked like they came out of the "kiln"

(t that time ceramics was far from me as west from east.)

You will have a conference. It is the first real conference. The others were in places
that exist only on the maps!
This one is real.
Shall I be there?
Part of me;
I send with Marta a booklet: I made a booklet for the paperclay workshop I led. I re
wrote it and translated to English
This is my humble thanking to the support and appreciation I get from you.

I hope you will learn a lot I will keep asking you questions
Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel
and also