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blue plate special -- filth filter fails!

updated tue 4 mar 03


Dave Finkelnburg on mon 3 mar 03

Hi all,
Joyce Lee moderates so Mel can do "important work" and this is what he
does with his time, puts this on HIS web site? Arghhhhh! Joyce, help!!!!!
Nice platter, Mel. :-) The glaze job, though, uhhhh......
Dave Finkelnburg, watching the snow sift softly onto the landscape
before sunrise in Idaho

----- Original Message -----
From: "mel jacobson"
Subject: blue plate special
> is now on the clayart website.
> please double click below on my website, and
> click to clayart.
> mel
> abuse, all i get is abuse.
> or try:
> new/ http://www.TICK-ATTACK.COM