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about price bickering

updated mon 3 mar 03


Paul Lewing on sat 1 mar 03

on 11/29/03 8:07 AM, Eleanora Eden at eeden@VERMONTEL.NET wrote:

> Mr. Bigshot Executive type asks me what my best price is on this
> platter.

Great story, Eleanora. Reminds me of a friend of mine who was asked once if
he could give a better price on a $50 item. He said. "Sure, how about $60?
I think that's a much better price".
Paul Lewing, Seattle

Eleanora Eden on sun 2 mar 03

Hi all,

Just catching up on my clayart after doing florida fairs. Chris's post
about price negotiations reminded me of a great tale I wanted to share.

Mr. Bigshot Executive type asks me what my best price is on this
platter. I go into my spiel about how I set the price I need and don't
negotiate prices. Well we go round about on that and I finally go down $20
from $275 to $255 since it was something I dearly wanted to see the back of
and he insists on $250 and I say no. So he pulls out a roll of bills and
dramatically puts a $100 on the desk next to the pot. I just stare,
delighted, into mr bigshot's face. For once I am enjoying this. He slowly
lays down another $100. No blink from moi. Then a fifty. I start this
rolling tap-a-tap-tap with my fingers. His wife stands there
giggling. We're all grinning. After afew seconds he rolls down the final
5 bucks and I wrap him up. Oh, he insisted on no paperwork, no receipt,
nothing. So I just didn't give him his copy since I needed mine to do my

Well, that night I am checking my sales off my master list and come to this
pot and it was listed as $250!!!!!!!!!!! Neither of us had looked at the
tag! So he paid an extra $5 and I got this comedic interlude. And he had
no paperwork to complain with even if he hadn't been too embarrassed. I
wonder if his wife found out.


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