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red pump credit card

updated tue 25 feb 03


Merrie Boerner on sun 23 feb 03

OH glasses to me.
I have tried them all......the gold plated lenses look so cool and it is
cool looking through them.
I know how to work the credit card.....and the man.
I should come out of CA with a load of goodies.
Slides are on the way,,,,,,what were they supposed to be of ?!?

clennell on mon 24 feb 03

Sour Cherry Pottery

> OH YES !!! Pyrometer reading low because of age and ware and tare.....good
> probe is bent and crusty.....I'm thinking of entering it into
> a gallery as a work of art. It couldn't read the right temp if 300 pots
> depended on it. No wonder it reads 2000* when cones are flat......Tony
> C...forget anything I said about temp.
> Thanks, Liz.....I'm putting that on my list of "to buy" at Ward's booth.
> Merrie

Merrie: If you're going to really take the red pumps and your main squeeze
to San Diego, I figure you can buy whatever the hell you want. Red pumps
would have me leaving my bible at home and stretching my credit card..
So if you're on an open line of credit may I suggest these sexy new glasses
from Ward's that Sheila bought me. I had been complaining that i couldn't
see the cones with the medium to heavy reduction I'm doing in the gas kiln.
She ordered from Marc these glasses that are gold plated lenses but blue
from the inside- Oberon I think is the brand name. I look like a Texan State
Trooper but the cones are as clear as cystal. I recommend them and for CD of
the year Nick Lowe's -The Convincer, We have been known to play it 8 hours a
day for a week. My favourite cut- I'm a Mess.
Remember those slides you promised me??????