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theory of crafts-art and craft curricula.

updated sun 23 feb 03


iandol on fri 21 feb 03

Dear Friends,
Searching for the address of a publisher I came across the English =
National Curriculum papers. Had a look at the Art and Craft offering. =
the information told me a lot about what the teachers would teach but =
very little about what the children would learn.
So I thought to have a look at art and craft curricula. One was given in =
great detail for Ceramics 1 of the Minnetonka Schools Curriculum. One =
thing I found to be very interesting was the contrast between Wheel work =
section and the Hand Building section. The former defined the types and =
numbers of articles which had to be made, the latter concentrated on the =
acquisition of the process skills. I would like this philosophical =
difference explaining, if it is possible to do that because it might =
have some bearing on the Theory of Crafts thread.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis, Redhill, South Australia