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teapot exhibition

updated sat 10 apr 04 on fri 21 feb 03

Dear Clayarters,

Quick reminder, just two more weeks to enter your work in the first annual
Teapots-A-Go-Go national juried and invitational teapot exhibition in
Atlanta. Based on the submissions we've already received and some of the
invitations accepted, this is going to be an incredible show.

We're trying to make it easy for interested potters to enter. The jury
committee is not (NOT!) judging the quality of your photographs or slides -
just your work. So there's no need to get your work professionally shot.
You are welcome to submit digital images, past show postcards, or email us
a link to your website where examples of your recent work can be found. An
artist statement or bio is also helpful.

Send or email up to 3 images of recent and representative work to MudFire
Pottery Center: or 1441 Dresden Drive, Suite 250,
Atlanta, GA 30319. Please note March 7 is last day for consideration.
Exhibited work will be available for sale and 60% artist commission will be

The show opens with huge opening reception on April 3. Accepted artists
will receive invitation, artist agreement, etc. by March 11 and should send
teapot(s) to arrive by March 28.

Please email or call with any questions.

Luba Sharapan
....With giant apologies to everyone outside the US...For logistical
reasons, this year's show is US-only. We are already starting to plan next
year's show and, assuming there's still international commerce this time
next year, hope to open the show to everyone.

MudFire - Luba & Erik on thu 8 apr 04

Teapot Exhibit in Atlanta

Come check out the spouts on Friday, April 16 from 6-10 pm at the MudFire
Gallery. Our biggest show of the year is right around the corner, with
almost 200 teapots coming in from around the country. We'll have catering,
wine and a great soundtrack to complement this stellar assortment of
elegant, whimsical, and wickedly cool teapots.

THIS EXHIBIT: "Teapots-A-Go-Go 2"... is our second annual teapot show and
we invited lots of big name nationally-known artists and a strong group of
top notch local artists. These are complemented by dozens of juried
submissions from around the country, with the MudFire studio crew rounding
out the show. Participating artists from afar include Lana Wilson, Malcolm
Davis, Ellen Shankin, and Gay Smith; along with favorite locals including
Glenn Dair, Priscilla Hollingsworth, Nancy Green, Tim Sullivan, Mark
Issenberg, Chris Baumann....See some sample pots and the full artist list on
the invitation at:

MudFire Gallery is located in Brookhaven. 1441 Dresden Drive, Suite 250,
Atlanta. Visit for map or call 404-969-3260
for directions.

See you soon!
Luba and Erik
MudFire Rangers