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phoenix/arizona clay association

updated tue 18 feb 03


Vince Pitelka on sun 16 feb 03

I just got back from teaching a workshop in Phoenix for the Arizona Clay =
Association. The workshop was very well organized by our dear Clayart =
member Mishy Lowe, and my gracious and generous host was another dear =
Clayart member, Becky Schroeder. Despite the heaviest wintertime rains =
in several decades, with flooding all over the city, I had a wonderful =
time. Mishy is such a peach, as most of you already know - great energy =
and creativity. Arizona Clay - - =
offers an ongoing series of workshops, usually held at Grand Canyon =
University, and Mishy is also starting to offer workshops at her own =
studio, Desert Dragon Pottery - - I =
recommend you watch for upcoming workshops at both venues. They do a =
great job, and you will be very pleased with the workshops. =20

Roger Korn and a number of other Clayarters participated in the =
workshop, and we had a good time. Ate lots of great Mexican food. Last =
night, after hiking in the White Tank Mountains, Roger and I stopped at =
a little place in a strip mall on 67th a few blocks north of Camelback, =
and I had a shrimp ceviche apetizer, and shrimp with chipotle sauce for =
main course. It was excellent, and the bill for the whole meal for both =
of us was less than $20.=20
Best wishes -=20
- Vince=20

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