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kiln gods and tommy tieing the knot

updated tue 18 feb 03


artimater on mon 17 feb 03

Hey all,
Kiln gods are supposed to be made of wet clay and placed on the =
kiln as it is fired...Then they do their part by exploding as the kiln =
heats up...They are symbolic of the sacrifice involved in my continuing =
to produce fine art that glorifies god in a godless world...If they =
don't explode, then they haven't worked and sacrificed enough....When I =
have one that survives I sometimes fire it in the next load...Then it =
becomes a small sculpture...and has no more kiln influencing =
power...Pretty arrogant of some people to think that my kiln gods have =
no power anyway!...My god doesn't care much for silly human =
rules....Organized religions are all about consolidation of money and =
power and have not whit to do with worship...My god has enabled me to =
make glorious art so I don't think empowering a little kiln god would be =
much of a stretch....Hell, I know my god likes me....I am constantly =
surprised at the arrangements made for me...I have a great connection, =
and I might just ask that those who fire without kiln gods should have =
their fire blow out and the gas accumulateHEHEHE....BOOM....HEHEHE...
Hey Tommy, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!...You took a LONG time to pick her =
out so she must be a real peach!
"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"
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