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coconut grove art fair

updated wed 19 feb 03


OWLPOTTER@AOL.COM on mon 17 feb 03

I am so glad to read about the famous "grove" show, especially from such a
fresh point of view. Thank you for taking the time to write about your

-Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan
Where we dodged the big snow storm, but not the COLD!

Joanna Jorgensen on mon 17 feb 03

Hello all,

Yesterday I made the 40 min. trip further south, for the first time
since moving to S.Fl., to the Coconut Grove Art Fair. It was amazing. I
was able to see things close up and personal that I had drooled over in
CM, or the like. Although I thought the show would have been larger, the
quality of the work I saw there left me dumbstruck.

David Greenbaum won the Best in Show for clay, but better yet his booth
was always full. His pieces do glow from some inner light like they do
in the pictures. They are amazing, in that " how does he do that" way. I
stood in his booth with my face inches from the hanging platters, trying
to ignore the truly rude who congregate here in Fl., who would just as
soon knock you down, as to say excuse me (That's a whole 'nother kettle
of fish). Thinking to myself this man is a Potter, and I am soooo not
there yet.

And going from booth to booth seeing the claywork, each time my head
filling with silent "ooohs and aaahs" and " oh wow" . I didn't speak but
tried to take it all in. I walked silently through, I was overwhelmed.

A young kid, (young to me), who looked all of 18 but must have been in
his mid-twenties, had these wonderful stoneware pieces in his booth with
glazes he said were of Portland cement. Rice bowls in this lustrous off
white matt that I had to fondle, and platters that looked as if he had
somehow melted bits of prehistoric amber on to their surface. They were
so rich. I wish I remembered his name.

There was so much incredible workmanship and talent, I could ramble on
and on about what I saw. I have decided that I am not worthy of this
title " potter" if that is what these giants I saw call themselves. I
am recommitted, rededicated, to someday become even half the "potter"
they are.

Joanna Jorgensen

Coconut Creek, Fl- where the weather has been brilliant, and I not so