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ala clay conference report & lost & found

updated tue 18 feb 03


Tena Payne on mon 17 feb 03

The clay conference was a HUGE success-- everyone had
a great time and lots of stuff was learned and I know
everybody made new friends.

We built three kilns really, the climbing catenary was
really two since one chamber was cast and the other
brick, then a barrel kiln that went together oh so
easy. Pix have already been posted.

Peter King did his thing to an entrance to the
theater, it's gonna be georgeous... we'll post
pictures when we get it up...

PMC and paper clay were great! PMC is so
unbelievable--you just gotta try it.

Olympic Kilns gave great workshops on fixing your
kilns, Richard Rossiter had everyone rolling around on
the wrestling matts, it was just a great time.

The gallery tour was fantastic, one of the galleries
we went to was Cam Langly's and watched him blow hot
glass... good stuff... Kevin Irwin shares space with
him and we got to watch her make beads as well.


One Toyota key- the top split letting it escape from
someone's key ring.

A grey (appears to be handmade) scarf. left behind.

A women's pair of Nine West 'men in black' sunglasses
were lost.

A notebook with a daisy on the front... someone's
notes? left behind.

Please reply to if you can help
with any of these items.

Food was good, location was super, people were great
and freindly, I don't think it could've gone
better.... we all had a great time. Hope you can come
next year in Mobile--right aroung mardi gras I hear...

take care...

Tena Payne

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