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searching the archives re:firing large work--help

updated mon 17 feb 03


e wilson farrington on sun 16 feb 03

Hello Clayarters,
A while back I got lots of great tips on firing large pieces that =
span two or more kiln shelves and lots of creative ways to fire with =
patties/cookies/coils/sand/grog/alumina and all that. I didn't save any =
of it because I thought I could find it all in the archives. Well, I =
must be an idiot since I am obviously not looking in the right places. I =
checked kilns/firing: Shelves, bisque, misc, and also misc. techniques, =
etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Willie, in Pennsylvania--- getting buried under mounds of snow and =
avoiding my cold, damp studio in favor of a warm fire.