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ceramic sculpture...not art?

updated sun 16 feb 03


Jeff Tsai on sat 15 feb 03

I think the variety and type of galleries that carry ceramics is pretty
varied from place to place. In most towns, there are no galleries like the
Frank Lloyd gallery that are totally dedicated to caramic art. There are also
many towns that lack galleries that have Ceramic art shows, but there are
tons of towns with consignment ceramics.

I don't see a lack so much as a disparity of type. You can see lots of
handmade ceramic pottery (and some sculpture) in consignment galleries and
stores, but as the scale of craft to art goes up, you see less and less.
There are quite a few galleries that will host shows of ceramic work from
time to time, almost no galleries completely dedicated to the craft, and I
have never seen a show of contemporary ceramics in a's always
historical, or at the very latest somewhat Modern ceramics.