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us spring tour - ian currie glaze workshops

updated sat 15 feb 03


Ian Currie on fri 14 feb 03


The following workshops still have vacancies. Please contact the
organizer or contact-person direct. If you would like to know more
about my workshops there is a Workshop Outline at the bottom of this e-mail.

Hope to see some of you soon!!



1,2 March - POMONA CA
Workshop Venue:
California State University, Pomona
Art Department
3801 W Temple Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768
Contact the Workshop Organizer:
Karen Sullivan
909-869-3508 - Art Department phone number
Karen Sullivan

22,23 March - FORT COLLINS - CO
Greyrock Clay Center
4221 South Mason St.
Fort Collins Colorado 80525
Contact Bill or Judy Therrien
shop 970 - 266-2727

29,30 March - DENVER CO
Contact: Linda Dadisman
PHONE 303-825-4570
FAX 303-825-6278

Address for workshop:
Arapahoe Community College Art and Design Ctr
2400 W. Alamo - AD 340
Littleton, CO 80160-9002

Joan Woodward: (970)254-1656 (away until 20th Feb.)
Harold Snider: (970)523-5805 (at home) (at work)

The workshop will be held at Tim Wedel's studio.
3815 N. River Rd. Palisade CO 81526.

12,13 April - HONOLULU - HI
Organizer: Suzanne Wolfe
workshop at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Department of Art, Ceramics Program
2535 McCarthy Mall
Honolulu, HI
phone: (808) 396-6414
Suzanne suggests: “If someone really wants to come to Hawai'i, they
probably would be better off going to Kauai (see below) than coming to
Honolulu, although I certainly would welcome anyone who wanted to
participate, if there are openings.”

19&21 APRIL - KAUAI - HI
Carol Yotsuda
Workshop Coordinator for Kaua'i Crafts Studio
PO Box 1924
Lihu'e, HI 96766
phone number (808) 245-2733 or (808) 635-3039


The systematic method developed by Ian Currie for studying glazes has proven
a powerful tool for students of ceramics. The method is outlined in his new
book "Revealing Glazes - Using the Grid Method". This new approach is also
outlined at the web site:
The workshop will involve taking participants through the Systematic Recipe
Method (the Grid Method) as outlined in the new book. Being a recipe
method, it is accessible to all regardless of their understanding of glaze
chemistry. At the end of the first day students will have possibly 5 sets
of glazes ( about 175 individual glazes) ready for firing, and will
understand the method. The glazes will be fired overnight and participants
will be able to see and assess the results and explore possibilities with
group discussions. Also on the second day there are lectures filling out
the student's understanding of the grid method and glaze theory in general.
There will be a slide lecture giving a guided tour to the different sorts of
glazes using the grid framework. If time permits, there is also a slide
lecture on Japanese wood firing, and more time to work one to one with

One of the problems of many other approaches to glaze research is a failure
to emphasise the vital importance of alumina and silica variation. This
enables the student to pin down specific effects and discover exciting
new glazes. Systematic variation of alumina and silica, along with the
fluxes, is central to this method, and is largely responsible for its
success. The
method is organized so that one is able to separate out the variables and
therefore highlight cause and effect. It gives precise control and
understanding of things like colour response, maturity, crazing, glaze
surface phenomena such as mattness, shininess and orange-peel surface, as
well as opalescence, opacity, colour-break phenomena etc.
Another feature of the workshop is the use of "mass production" techniques
to make and apply glazes quickly, and also cooperative division of labour
sharing out the work between groups and sharing the results. A lot will be
achieved in two days.

Anyone wishing to purchase Ian Currie's books can get them at the workshop,
or they can purchase them immediately by credit card from his web site:
If paying by credit card, the books will take about a week to arrive, or if
airmailing a money order or bank draft, allow 2 to 3 weeks.