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bringing back art

updated sun 9 feb 03


Bill Edwards on sat 8 feb 03


Tony O. I believe we could use more insight and webs
to visit that shows work at all levels. Many people
who read clayart are new or learning and even though
some are well advanced this leaves a space where those
new here or coming in will have an oppotunity to
discuss and also look at pots in various degrees of
finish. Part of the tools of the trade is vision and
having something to make accessments from. Those
pictures are worth a thousand words and much can be
taken from them. Even if the original design is a flop
taking that design and creating a successful piece in
the end would be appealing to most anyone.

David Henleys posts get better and better and he can't
be any more honest. I seen the same thing back when I
taught where kids would be dabbling in pottery and
thinking about cartoons and X-Men and even one of the
little boys was quiet skilled in X-Men shapes. At
least he was working on his art where most the others
were discussing a television show. Daivd, I agree
strongly with what you said!

Vince, your right! A potter is as a potter does. Folk
artist would be turned into something else if they
were forced into formal training.


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