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teapot marathon

updated sat 8 feb 03


clennell on fri 7 feb 03

Hi gang! Similiar to the session at Penland I had a Teapot marathon during
my 7 week teaching of the teapot at Sheridan. The 17 students were asked
to make pieces for 5 teapots (spouts, lids, bodies, handles). Pieces were
made in the morning and assembled in the afternoon and the crit was the next
morning. the only thing we tried to keep in common was the size of the
gallery for the lid. All the parts were put on the table and the idea was to
select parts to make a teapot. Some made handbuilt pieces, but many were
thrown. this encouraged using parts that you may not have thought of doing.
the end result was some very interesting teapots. the students went all out
to make some great looking teapots.
I tried to encourage interesting but then I will agree that the word
"interesting" is often used when you just don't know what to say or when
you'd really like to say ugly.
Let the Good, Bad and The Ugly Teapot contest continue. I'm going to smoke a
little cigar and pretend I'm Clint.
P.S got word today that both of our teapots sold last night at The Mad
Hatters Tea Party at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art last night. If
you're in TO this weekend they expect 500 teapot enthusiasts tomorrow.