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ceramics position at usu/ ron myers workshop

updated thu 27 feb 03


John Neely on fri 7 feb 03

I received a flurry of responses to yesterdays posting of an open
position here, but through some server glitch here, they ended up in my
mailbox with headers but no messages. Yesterday's Clayart digest
suffered the same fate. If you have questions that I can answer better
than the search committee, please email me again.

In other news, we're just starting a two day workshop (Friday and
Saturday, 9:30 - 4:00) with Ron Myers - sort of short notice for
Friday, but perhaps some in the area will see this in time to come for
Saturday's events. As always, workshops at USU are free and open to the


John Neely, Head
USU Department of Art
Logan, Utah 84322-4000

Virginia Scotchie on sat 8 feb 03

Hi John,

Could youplease email me the details on the position you have open in =
ceramics . Your message was the first I had heard of it. I may be =
interested in applying!
Many Thanks

Virginia Scotchie
Assoc. Prof. of Ceramics
Dept. of Art
Univ. of South Carolina=20
Columbia, SC 29208
Ph. 803-777-7077