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almost useless (ugly teapot contest?)

updated sat 8 feb 03


Helen Bates on thu 6 feb 03


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Tony Olsen on fri 7 feb 03

Burst my bubble, thought I had come up with an original idea. :-)

I always look forward to your posts, even if I do surf for hours at the =
expense of what I 'should' be doing. =20

The picture of my bisque pot is up on the web site. A little =
explanation above it. Part of the idea was that where I had once =
worked, we had 'share the pain' sessions where we would discuss a recent =
error we made, what led to the error and how we could guard against it.
Here's the site:
Keep surfing Helen! I like all the links.
Tony (Galveston)

Subject: Almost Useless (Ugly teapot contest?)