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motor repair

updated thu 6 feb 03


David Hendley on tue 4 feb 03

Don't worry Taylor, motors are very simple, and if you pay
attention to how everything goes back together you can't
hurt them.
Your instincts are correct. First make sure the switch is, indeed,
OK. the next thing to check is the brushes.
You need to remove the brushes first, anyway, if you want to
take the motor apart. There should be at least 1/8" of depth of
the black carbon material for each brush.
It is possible that the motor is burned out and not worth repairing,
but I think this is very unlikely for the situation in which it was used.

A couple of years ago, I wrote detailed, step-by-step instructions
of how to take apart a DC potters wheel motor and install new
bearings. I can't find it now, but if you care to search the Clayart
archives, you can probably retrieve it.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

----- Original Message -----
> My teacher was also fortunate enough to get a Lockerbie
> w/ motor. She tried it, but the motor doesn't work.
> I have taken off the motor and it is on my workbench
> at home, but I have no real idea what I should be looking
> for--brushes? I have given the switch under the table a quick
> visual inspection and it looks fine.
> This is a 1/3hp ac motor. What should I look for
> when I crack that baby open? Is there something I
> shouldn't disassemble?