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motor repair! oy!

updated wed 5 feb 03


Lily Krakowski on tue 4 feb 03

Of course, my dear, I am not advocating spending $ when free is available.
What I am suggesting is that you investigate first what tools, what parts
you will need, make SURE the parts still can be had, and not waste too much
time. Of course you can shnor a free motor from some one-- as I do not know
what kind of motor you are dealing with, cannot suggest. Right now I am
eying the motor off a treadmill that no longer "treads"correctly and the
manufacturer is out of business.

Please Taylor. We have made you a junkyard dawg, and we are proud. Yours
affectionately, The Dumpster Diver.

Hendrix, Taylor J. writes:

> Has the world gone completely mad? Nope...wait...
> I just answered that myself. Is Lily advocating
> spending perfectly good money when free is an option?
> You have turned me into a regular junkyard dawg, you
> and David. Don't quit on me now! I gotta fix this
> motor now. And I will get my wheel built for under $60
> or die trying.
> Honestly though, this motor is not that complicated. I
> have already cracked it open to take a look. It has a
> capacitor and what I think is an automatic thermal
> shutoff switch. Everything else is wound up tight.
> I am known for taking apart a 50DM popup phonebook
> directory and not getting it back together so it works
> but..........
> Everything will be alright, right Lily?
> Taylor, in Waco
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> From: Lily Krakowski [mailto:mlkrakowski@CITLINK.NET]
> .... Find a convenient place that
> sells and services electric motors. Take yours in. Have them check it.
> Have them --not me--tell you how much a new/used one costs. Have them not
> me giggle hysterically at your thinking that anyone still makes parts for
> your motor....I have found used motors in perfect working order for $15-25.
> ....
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