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etching hole in stainless steel !!!!

updated tue 4 feb 03


iandol on sun 2 feb 03

Dear Philip Poburka,

Sounds like your saucepan had been left on the hob at some time and got =
hot spots. This destabilises the alloy making it possible for those =
electrolytic couples to establish themselves. No doubt your rotting =
vitals provided the required acids and bingo!! Holes.

I was consulted on a corrosion problem at a whisky distillery in far =
north Scotland. This meant putting on the wellies and climbing through a =
small hole into a tank the size of an atlas rocket. Every weld had =
tracks either side of the join, not on the weld but about inch and half =
away. Cheap 18/8 stainless, no Titanium or Niobium to mop up residual =
carbon. Superb Tartan Tramline Pattern. Heat precipitates iron carbide. =
Nothing I could do. All I got for my troubles was a free hangover and a =
shrewd insight into whisky production.

An interesting World we live in.

Sad about Columbus. God Rest Their Souls in Peace

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia