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list for selling/buying: potterbarter

updated sun 2 feb 03


primalmommy on sat 1 feb 03

I'm seeing a lot of "wanted" and "for sale" stuff on clayart, and just
wanted to remind folks that there is another forum specifically for the
"classifieds". I don't think anyone minds reading them on clayart, and
it does reach a wider audience, but there are several hundred members of
potterbarter who specifically are looking to buy, sell, barter and trade
ceramics related equipment and supplies (which has included books and
mags, kilns, brick, stains, wheels, you name it.)

It's a low volume list, and I am the moderator. There is NO chat or
discussion (we have clayart for that) -- it's strictly stuff wanted, or
offered. All offers and transactions take place off list. Some days
there are no posts at all, but some days there's a "free to anyone in
driving distance" post, or some other stroke of luck.

When you join, you can choose to get individual emails, a daily digest,
or "no mail" and just visit the message board from time to time. Please
include your state (country, or whatever) in the title of your posts, to
save readers time.

You can join by going to

If you have trouble, email and I will add you
to the group.

Thanks... Yours, Kelly in Ohio... a sad day, thinking of the children of
astronauts and that white stripe in the sky over Texas.

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