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trying to reach cone 6

updated fri 31 jan 03


Lari Ward on thu 30 jan 03

I have a 30" oval crucible kiln that I have not been able to fire to =
cone 6.
After 20+ hours I was able to nurse it to cone 5. (At 5 a.m. you start =
lose track of time.) Since then I have put in all new elements =
including an
extra bottom element. It has been coated with ITC. The next step is to =
a layer of fiberfrax to the bottom, and coat it with ITC. I haven't =
it with all the new elements yet. I just want to know if the extra =
layer of
fiberfrax with ITC will make a difference before I go to the work of =
it. This is a "new" kiln for me and when I bought it I was assured that =
fired fine to cone 6. Although after the fact I found out that the =
owner did low fire and my guess he never tried to fire it that high. =
input on this will be appreciated. Thanks.

Lari Ward

Marcia Selsor on thu 30 jan 03

I have a 30" oval crucible and fire it to ^6. It has ITC on the lid and
I use fiber fax/kaowool on top of the lid OUTSIDE.
It is about 8 years old.No new elements. I don't go to ^6 all the time.
I use it for bisque firing large raku pieces and terra cotta.
But I do on occasion fire to ^6. I think crucibles are good kilns.
I used them at the University where I taught. I also have a little test
kiln that I fire to ^6 very often.
I think the kaowoll in the bottom is not necessary. Try it on top. that
is where most of the heat is lost.
Good luck,
Marcia Selsor
Tuscany in 2003

Toni Smith on thu 30 jan 03

Hi Lari, I can't help you with the fiberfrax question, but just by =
replacing the elements and applying ITC to my twenty year old Olympic =
electric kiln, I cut the cone 6 firing time from ten hours to a little =
less than seven. The first couple of firings seemed strange, they went =
so fast......but then it seemed to stabilize and now it is reliable as =
ever with consistent results. Good luck. Toni Smith in Ohio