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february workshop reminder

updated fri 31 jan 03


The Clay Studio on thu 30 jan 03

The Clay Studio is pleased to announce these upcoming workshops for February:

Please contact Kathryn about registration.
215.925.3453 x11

Simple Mold Making with Linda Cordell
February 1, 10am - 1pm
$55 member, $60 non-member
(Open to all levels)
Linda Cordell will demonstrate making a simple one piece mold.
Discussion about mixing, pouring, cleaning and storage of plaster
will be followed by demonstrations of hump, slump, texture and
multi-part molds. Part of the morning will focus on plaster studio
safety. Students should come with an idea they would like to try and
bring their clay modeling tools. A slide show will present artists
who use molds in their work.
Personal Practices: The Passionate Professional
February 8, 10am - 12 noon
$10 member/non-member
The second of our Professional Development Talks
Gail M. Brown will introduce issues and ideas for consideration as
one seeks ongoing and challenging opportunities for the presentation
and exhibition of one's work. Topics to be discussed: self
evaluation, authenticity, risk taking, setting short and longer term
goals, the jury system, what curators look for, how to educate your
audience, to enhance your visibility and to make the most of what you
CAN control. Gail M. Brown is an Independent Curator of Contemporary
Craft and a Board Member of The Clay Studio as well as the chair of
the Gallery Committee. She has curated exhibitions in metals, wood,
fiber, mixed media and ceramics for various non-profit organizations
and commercial galleries and has served on numerous juries for
exhibitions and craft shows.
Paper Clay with Jerry Bennett
February 9, 10am - 5pm
$90 member, $100 non-member
(Open to all levels)
Join this hands-on workshop with Jerry Bennett on paper clay, an easy
to use material that is extremely strong in the unfired state, yet
the same as regular clay when fired. Learn how to make paper clay,
bonding slips, and to use paper clay for handbuilding functional
forms. Jerry will show slides and demonstrate forms such as cups,
pitchers and teapots. Participants will also explore the use of
texture, construction techniques, and form decoration. Please bring
basic handbuilding tools. Paper clay will be provided. Participants
will receive written formulas and several cone six glazes.
Glazing Techniques with Doug Herren
February 15, 10am - 1pm
$55 member, $60 non-member
(Open to all levels)
Doug Herren will explore a variety of glazing techniques to enhance
decorating skills. Slip decoration will be demonstrated on bisqued
pieces using dipping and pouring to overlay glazes, wax resist and
making and using foam stamps. Students should bring 2-3 bisque
pieces. A slide presentation will show work illustrating a variety of
glazing styles.
Pinch Pot Workshop with Jimmy Clark
February 22 & 23, 10am - 4pm
$160 member, $175 non-member
(Open to all levels)
(optional pit firing weekend offered at reduced tuition - see below)
Jimmy will provide both a technical and philosophical approach to the
pinch technique. The workshop will explore variations on pinching,
including creating larger forms, producing a variety of vessels and
shapes, moving off center, burnishing, and applying terra sigillata.
The course is designed to combat the misconception of pinching as a
beginner's technique.

Please contact Kathryn about registration.
215.925.3453 x11

The Clay Studio
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