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drilling in an electric kiln - or through it's stainless

updated fri 31 jan 03


Philip Poburka on wed 29 jan 03


Well this would depend on the diameter of the intended hole.

If I wanted a smallish hole through thin 'stainless', as was
not a Machine or close tolerance hole, if it was in some
sheet-stock as one sees on electric Kilns, I would likely
just punch a hole with a sharp, quick-tapered spike or
other...or say a center-punch...

One could also, for having punched even a little beginning
of a hole, introduce a twist-drill bit, without it

Stainless tends to be tough indeed, and for a 'half-inch'
hole, I would not drill it at all if it were in
sheet-metal...I would cut it out with a little Chisel.

If I wanted a more than shirt button sized hole in the side
of an electric Kiln as had some thin Stainless Steel on it,
I would maybe draw the hole I want on it, take a sharp
little punch, or similar, and punch many little holes as
describe that circle. A small chisel or even a screwdriver
may be used to cut through the little areas between the
holes, to make the large hole I want, in effect. Or, a
narrow-ish screwdriver may be ground to answer the call of a
Chisel in this sort of thing, and be used to sequentially
punch or cut the little circle one needs in a series of
little cuts.

One would drill through the soft brick as before mentioned,
with some 'tube' or thin walled pipe...

One may also so sharpen a conventional Twist drill bit, as
for it to have a little leading point in it's center, and
from there the 'wings' are ground inward to terminate at
their ends in an outward tilt, so that the center touches
and centers the Bit, and the outermost ends of the bit, or
their tips do the cutting. If sharpened like this, one may
drill sheetmetal without peril, even as small pieces of it
being held in the fingers, as there is no 'catch' to vex the
brave, unwary or naive. One gets a little disc usually stuck
on the drill's end once through the sheetmetal, which one
merely knocks off with a tap of the finger.

A 'safety-drill' one might say, for sheetmetal
drilling...and a half inch hole may readily be drilled with
one of these.

Something on the order of what is sometimes called a
'Brad-Point' Drill.

That do it?

Las Vegas

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From: "mel jacobson"

it is very hard to do. getting that drill bit to
bite into that stainless can be a bit of a chore.

it moves when you drill it, thin and tough.

so, perhaps phil or vince can help us.

sharp drills, step up in size as you go...1/8 then
larger and larger.
once you have the steel shell drilled, the rest is easy.
just don't drill into the coils.
mel hell, take a rip at it, it is just a kiln. not more
a half inch hole. if you hate it, fill it with kaowool, do
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