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call for teapot artists

updated fri 31 jan 03 on thu 30 jan 03

Clayarters.... Show off your spouts

Mudfire Pottery Center, Atlanta, GA Teapots-A-Go-Go Exhibit (April 3-16)

A multi-artist exhibit of smart, fun, funky and all-around wicked-good
teapots. All works, functional and sculptural, must be original and should
have clay as the primary medium. Don=92t be shy! This exhibit celebrates
the limitless personal expression offered by artwork constrained only by
structural imperatives (spout(s), handle(s), water-tightness, etc ;-)

Artist commission is 60%. No entry fee. Submit photos or digital images
for consideration. Mail SASE (for return of photos) to MudFire Pottery
Center, 1441 Dresden Drive, Suite 250, Atlanta, GA 30319 or email Luba
Sharapan at

March 10 deadline for consideration.

Please call 404-969-3260 with questions.

Thank you.

MudFire Pottery Center