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kiln safety vent question

updated thu 30 jan 03


Sandy Henderson on wed 29 jan 03

The instructions for my Envirovent say not to turn it off until the kiln temperature is under 2000 F. That would be after the soak for cone 6, wouldn't it?

Sandy in Northwest Indiana, firing a kiln to cone 6 today and resolving to turn off the vent sooner (I have been just leaving it on).

Original Message:

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 19:36:15 -0500
From: Ron Roy
Subject: Re: Kiln vent safety question

Hi Carol,

If you want to be sure all combustibles are out of the bisque fired ware I
would say after the soak.

If you want your glazes to cool fast and be glossy wait till 800C.

If you want mattes to develop better turn it off during the soak or just
before - that will help even the kiln out as well.

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