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terra sig story

updated wed 29 jan 03


Von Allen on tue 28 jan 03

We set up a majolica area last term for all the students to experiment =
with.. we made up a nice red terra sig and it stayed "wet" looking all =
the way up to ^ 04 and looked real nice next to the white and black =
majolica we were using.=20
Vince , your terra sig is fab. Of course the building custodian came in =
just as the sig was nearing the last part of the mandatory 20 hour =
waiting period . He was talking to students, when without warning , he =
plopped down on the edge of the table and jiggled all the sigz stirring =
them up again ! .., . We had a blast with all the technical stuff ( =
hydrometers, etc )
It was especially fun walking into "Mountain Brew" with a BYU purchase =
draft to buy a wine syphon !