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sales at home

updated wed 29 jan 03


mel jacobson on tue 28 jan 03


i have back yard sales that take entire weekends.
make my studio and decks into a gallery.
that accounts for 75 percent of my sales.

i have drop ins now and then, maybe 5 a week.
most are looking for a wedding gift etc.

if i am busy, they just look through the pots, pick
some things and leave a check. most checks are
about 100 bucks. my prices are not that high, mostly
25 buck, folks take three or four.

a customer may stay around the studio for an hour, but
i do not chat all that time.
like yesterday. folks came in, i had a chainsaw in pieces...
i told them to look around...they did. i kept on with the
chainsaw. the father person chatted with me about my
five foot wingspan f4u corsair hanging from the ceiling.
(radio controlled) he liked that better than the pots...and
he liked what i was doing to this broken down chainsaw (stihl)
parts from tonyclay's husband. bob's from the farm. we put
a net under his tractor, it catches tools and parts. cheaper
than buying new.

anyway, they bought three pots. out the door they went.
i finished the chainsaw. hate those recoil springs...hurt my
fingers. 78 bucks cash in my pocket and i have a like new
09 stihl chainsaw now.
good days work.

i am not a good example, as i do not hustle pots the way
i used to. retired now. but, still sell lots.
as i said, i never lock the studio, if i do not want to
be there, or am reading a book, i do not walk out to the
studio. they just help themselves...leave a check
or money on my wheel head.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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