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c/6 salt kilns

updated fri 24 jan 03


Stephani Stephenson on thu 23 jan 03

University of Oregon had a salt kiln which was fired to cone 6
We fired it quite often and got very nice results, very similar to cone
10 look.
You may need to try different clay bodies ...
this really affected look of the ware . We had kind of a yuk cone 5
claybody, but experimenting with different
clays, white as well as iron bearing gave very nice results.
This was a regular downdraft kiln, we fired it like you would fire to
cone 10, and we didn't do particular heavy salting
it was an old kiln though with a lot of residual salt.
Pulled draw rings, got all the variations of surface one gets with
higher fire.

I'm sure a purist could insist it is not the same at a lower temp,
You do get hooked on the BIG MELT of cone 10, 11, and so on
but as I say results were quite pleasing.

Stephani Stephenson