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fw: nan hamilton talks about selling on ebay

updated thu 23 jan 03


Peter and Samantha Tomich on wed 22 jan 03

Just got this from Nan, hope it helps anyone interested in selling on ebay.

Samantha Tomich
Waikoloa, Hawaii

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Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 7:15 PM
Subject: Clay Art

Hi Samantha,

I was just looking through some of the referral pages on my site checker and
I saw there were several people who linked from your post on the Clay Art
List. I'm not a member (I have been a member of a list and just don't have
the time for it these days) but relative to selling on eBay, here are a few
comments you are welcome to forward on if you think anyone would be

I've been selling on Ebay for 4 years, two items per month. If you are
going to use eBay, it helps enormously to start with a list of people who
are interested in your work otherwise with the literally millions of items
available, it's really hard to get noticed. Most of my pieces are sold to
people already familiar with my work. At the show before I began selling on
eBay, I asked people to leave their email address if they wanted to be
informed when I put a pot on eBay. I send out an email at the start of
each month to those people and the ones who vote for pot of the month. A
lot of people who buy my work, only go to eBay to buy my pots. Ebay serves
my audience but for the most part, hasn't provided me with a new one.

The other thing that's really important is where you list. I don't think
eBay has a catagory that is relevant for contempory studio potters and there
should be something more appropriate than there is. I usually list under
collectibles and find listing under the pottery categories hopeless. There
are times when I've been discouraged at how hard it is to attract new buyers
and the more expensive an item, the harder it is. People unfamiliar with
pricey work drop out when the price goes high, not knowing if the piece
worth it. I am known in the world of Airedale collectors, and my Airedale
(that's a dog breed) pieces usually go for twice what many of my other
pieces do. It makes a big difference if you have a specific target

I hope this is useful.


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