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more on terra sig problems.

updated tue 21 jan 03


Timakia@AOL.COM on mon 20 jan 03

While Ivor is getting into the technical problems with terra sig, I can just
as well give you my techinical info.
I make a terra sig in the same way that Vince described often before, but I
use the same clay as my claybody, which is in my case porcelain. I bisque
fire to ^06 first, because my pots are often times as thin as egg shell. Then
I apply the terra sig(4-5 layers).
Ivor it make sense to me to increase the firing temp. a little to let the
clay fuse, but it will take some tests to get the balance to where the pot
will still absorb smoke and eliminate the problem. Something else that I am
thinking of while writing this, is what will happen if I change the flux in
the terra sig to a lower melting one?(can that be nephline syenite or even a
fritt?) My porcelain body is based on a variation of the Leach recipe which
requires potash feldspar.What is the possiblilty that the fit will change?
Then, I do not want a shiny surface like a glazed surface. I would like to
keep the satin sheen.
I must say that appart from the sticker problem, the terra sig seems to work
fine, but I guess that if I do not get this flawless, there will always be
the possibility that a small flaw can become a disaster.
Thanks for bringing this up from another perspective Ivor.
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