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"kerameiki techni" (was: re: greek magazine..keramik techni)

updated mon 20 jan 03


Helen Bates on sun 19 jan 03

"Kerameiki Techni" Magazine:

The search problem for you was the spelling. In fact, if I hadn't already
bookmarked the site, I couldn't have found it easily myself. I did get to a
page deep within the second site mentioned above with the search terms:
"greek pottery magazine", then had to try pretty hard to find a link that
got back to the home page of the magazine.

I had to click "Back to Agenda" then at the bottom of the resulting page
click "Homepage."

To get to the simple url (first one mentioned above), one search that
gets right there is "techni gr." "Techni" alone gets far too many hits.

Of course, "kerameiki techni" ("e" before "i") gets the desired result, but
who's to know the spelling if they haven't studied Greek? ;-))