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upcoming workshops @ living tree pottery

updated sun 19 jan 03


L. P. Skeen on fri 17 jan 03

The following workshops are upcoming at Living Tree Pottery in =
Summerfield, NC. A few spaces are still available in each; please =
contact me asap to reserve your space:

Feb 1-2
Mark Peters (
Mark will be leading a 2 workshop,
focusing on throwing and altering techniques. Some of the forms will
include; teapots, casseroles, lidded jars, pitchers, platters and more.
These pots will be wheel thrown and altered into squares, ovals and
rectangles. Surface and texture will also be covered. Discussions will
include; wood-firing, what makes a good wood-fire pot, kilns, etc. =
also includes a slide lecture.

Cost is $75/person plus $7.50/day for lunch or BYO. =20

May 12 - 16
Vince Pitelka (

Ancient Clay workshop with Vince Pitelka will include several slide =
lectures and blackware bonfiring at the end of the week. This is a =
hands-on workshop in which Vince will cover basic handbuilding =
techniques and tribal pottery making. There is a good description of =
the workshop on Vince's webpage and also at = .

Cost is $190/person plus $7.50/day for lunches or BYO.

There is a B&B nearby which offers my workshop participants a discount, =
as well as the usual suspects in motel lodging near the Greensboro =
airport. There are only 5 spaces remaining in this workshop, so get on =
board ASAP!

Living Tree Pottery is located at 6329 US158 in Summerfield, just about =
10 minutes from Greensboro, NC. Call 336-644-2768 to register.


L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Studios, Summerfield, NC
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